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Reproductive Health Concerns? Chat With Our Nurse and Doctor For Free

Seek private and professional medical advice.

Seeking medical help for your health concerns has been made difficult and expensive because of the ongoing pandemic. Gone are the days when we can easily go to a clinic or a hospital when we’re feeling under the weather. 

Which is why we at RH Care Info want to make sure that you’ll still be getting the help you need by making reproductive healthcare more accessible. 

If you’re having reproductive health problems like questions regarding birth control, concerns on your pregnancy, gender-based violence issues or other sexual health issues like STI and HIV, we’ve got you covered. Professional health advice is just a click away and absolutely FREE! 

No need to spend a fortune or leave the comforts of your home. All you need to do is send in your reproductive health questions at our Facebook Page, RH Care Info, and wait for our resident health professionals to get back to you, free of charge. 

Send us a private message today at m.me/rhcareinfo or tap on the TALK TO US button below.

If you need to locate a Reproductive Health Facility near you, you can use our Health Facility Locator anytime.

Talk to us.

If you have questions, you can talk to us privately through our Facebook Messenger. This service is free.

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