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Why is Sexual and Reproductive Health Important?

Sexual and Reproductive health is not just about sex. It’s not just about the physical well-being of a person.

Sexual and Reproductive health is not just about sex. It’s not just about the physical well-being of a person. It’s connected to all matters related to our reproductive system which includes the mental and social well-being of a person. When talking about it, we instantly talk about maternal and child health, but what does it really mean to have good sexual and reproductive health?

Having good sexual and reproductive health means…

Being able to have a satisfying sex life

Having a worried-free, hassle-free and satisfying sex life is a sign of good sexual and reproductive health. Sex should be enjoyed and should not cause worry or concern. Should you feel uneasy, uncomfortable or threatened when having sex, it means that something might not be right. 

Having the capability to reproduce

Being able to reproduce is the primary function of our reproductive system. This is why it is important to be educated when it comes to reproduction, family planning, and birth control to prevent the unplanned from happening and to make sure that your reproductive system is working fine.

Freedom to decide when and how often to have sex

You should always have the freedom to decide when and how often you want to have sex. No one can force you to do anything you do not want to do. This is why talking about sexual and reproductive health goes hand in hand with violence against women and children.

Being protected from sexually transmitted infections

Millions of people around the world are infected by STI every year. Being properly informed and educated about sexual reproduction can help dramatically decrease STIs. (FYI, condoms are the only birth control method that can both prevent pregnancy and the spread of STI)

Having access to information and services related to reproductive health

Knowledge is key. Access to family planning counseling and birth control methods is important in order for you to take care of your reproductive health. Should a couple decide to have children, women must have access to services that can help them have a fit pregnancy, safe delivery, and a healthy baby. 

For more information on birth control methods, CLICK HERE. 

If you need services about your Reproductive Health, you can search for RH Providers near you by using our HEALTH FACILITY LOCATOR. Simply input your location, then select the services you need and click on the search button. The results will show the health facilities within a 10 kilometer radius from your location.

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