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Your Body Your Choice

Family Planning is a practice that supports limiting how many kids to have and controlling the gaps between their births. This encourages better planning for the family as well as better support provided by companies for their employees.

Here at RH-CARE.INFO, families are provided necessary information to guide decisions in using family planning methods.

Choose Your Method
Lasts up to 3 years.
99.9% effective.
Subdermal Implant
A permanent contraception for men. 99.8% effective.
Given every 2 or 3 months.
99.7% effective.
Progestin-only Injectables
Permanent contraception for women. 99.5% effective.
Lasts up to 12 years.
No hormones.
99.2% effective.
Intrauterine Device
No estrogen side effects. 99% effective with breastfeeding.
Progestin-only Pills
Mom's breastfeeding for under 6 months. 98% effective.
Lactational Amenorrhea Method
For women with 26-32 days cycle. 95% effective.
Standard Days Method
Regular pill intake. Regular period. 92-97% effective.
Combined Oral Contraceptives
Prevents STIs.
85% effective.
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