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Postnatal Care → See Your Doctor or Midwife after Giving Birth

Postnatal care is given to the mother and her newborn baby immediately after the birth and for the first six weeks of life.

What is Postnatal care (PNC)

Postnatal care is given to the mother and her newborn baby immediately after the birth and for the first six weeks of life (postnatal period). This period marks the establishment of a new phase of family life for women and their partners and the beginning of the lifelong health record for newborn babies.

Why is Postnatal care so important?

Most of the maternal and infant deaths occur in the first month after birth. It is very important that women regain their strength and maintain their health as they adjust to life with their new baby. Women in the postnatal period need to maintain a balanced diet, just as they did during pregnancy. Iron and folic acid supplementation should also continue for 3 months after birth.

Why do mothers die during postnatal period?

The most common causes of postnatal maternal death include haemorrhage, eclampsia, infection and ruptured uterus. The most important causes of neonatal death are infection, birth asphyxia, prematurity and low birth weight.

What postnatal care does the mother receive?

The postpartum period lasts six to eight weeks, beginning right after the baby is born. During this period, the mother goes through many physical and emotional changes while learning to care for her newborn. Postpartum care involves getting proper rest, nutrition, and vaginal care.

How often will I see my midwife after birth?If you’ve given birth in hospital or a midwife unit and you and your baby are well, you’ll probably be able to go home 6 to 24 hours after your baby is born. Midwives will agree a plan with you for visits at home or at a children’s centre until your baby is at least 10 days old.

If you need maternal care (prenatal, delivery, postnatal), you can search for doctors, birthing homes and hospitals near you by using our HEALTH FACILITY LOCATOR. Simply input your location, then select “Maternal Care Services”  and click on the search button. The results will show the maternal care clinics within a 10 kilometer radius from your location.

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