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Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Comprehensive sexuality education enables young people to protect their health, well-being and dignity. 

Each and every one of us has had or will have that point in our lives where we’d start doing or experiencing things that will affect our sexual and reproductive health — going through puberty, having sex for the first time, choosing to use protection, which protection to use or planning to have kids. Facing these kinds of decisions is scary especially when you are young and unaware of the consequences.

It’s confusing for most young people to grow up and go through changes in their bodies and sexuality. Most of them can’t really ask their parents about these things so they just rely on their friends, who’s just as clueless as them, or on the internet, where there’s tons of unverified and false information.

That’s where comprehensive sexuality education enters. It is the solution to all these unanswered questions that bother adolescents.

Comprehensive sexuality education informs and enlightens young people about their bodies, their rights, sex, and sexuality. This will make it easier for them to go through all the troubles of growing up and help them make informed decisions about their life.

CSE talks about a lot of topics including:

✓ Human development
✓ Anatomy
✓ Sexual and reproductive health
✓ Human rights
✓ Contraception
✓ Sexually Transmitted Infections
✓ Pregnancy

Aside from providing all this information, comprehensive sexuality education also helps young people to be able to explore and develop positive values regarding sexual and reproductive health. Knowing all these will help young people:

✓ Make better life choices
✓ Develop self-awareness
✓ Improve their self-esteem
✓ Develop a respectful behavior
✓ Develop critical thinking
✓ Take care of their reproductive health
✓ Have a positive outlook on sexuality

Comprehensive sexuality education is taught over several years. Topics discussed depend on the individual which means it is age-appropriate. This education may go by other names, such as “life skills,” “family life,”, “HIV” education, or “holistic sexuality education.”

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