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A Self-care How-to In The Time Of A Pandemic

Tips, routines, and resources.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has definitely interfered with our daily routines, future plans, and everyone’s overall lifestyles. All the stress and worry from the virus, coupled with staying at home for months, and being away from our loved ones could really have a serious impact on our health — physically and mentally.

A stream of mental health exercises, at-home workout routines, and a lot more self-care remedies have been resurfacing since the beginning of the nationwide lock downs. And even so, we’re adding to your current lists to help you stay safe and sane while we battle through these hard times:

Exercise at home.

Any form of Exercise will help strengthen your immune system and give you an energy boost when you’re feeling down. It also helps with managing stress and anxiety. There are lots of free videos online you can follow!

Disconnect from time to time.

We know that in these times it is important to stay connected and be informed. Social media is our world right now.  But from time to time, even just for a few hours, try to disconnect from the news, social media, or anything that can add to your stress, fear and anxiety. From time to time, try putting away your phone and allow yourself to be free from all the stress.

Do something that makes you happy.

Juggling work from home, house chores and a bunch of other stuff at work is really exhausting. So don’t forget to have a little me-time. Make time for little happy projects like re-organizing your room, or decluttering your closet, painting, baking or just reading a book

Keep in touch.

Humans need connection. Although we can’t see each other physically right now, we still need human connection and social interaction to help keep us sane and in touch with the world. Try to make it a point to still stay connected with other people through instant messaging or through video calls.

You can also join certain groups on Facebook and talk to people you can relate to. You can join RH Care Info’s Facebook group on Maternal Health, Family Planning, STI and HIV awareness, Gender-based violence, and Young People.

Seek professional help.

There have been studies showing that staying quarantined for just two weeks can be linked to serious mental health issues like PTSD, anxiety, depression, confusion and anger. If you think that what you’re feeling is no longer just quarantine blues or if you’re experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression, or you don’t feel safe at home, do not hesitate, seek professional help.

Check out our compiled list of agencies in the Philippines that offer mental health services here

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