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Kwentong Child Sexual Abuse

Survivors share their stories of being molested when they were minors.

#MayKwentoAko has paved the way for individuals to speak up and share their stories of sexual violence. Here are some of the submissions we received from victims who experienced being molested when they were still very young. 

I was around 8-10 years old when this happened. I was young and innocent. During that time, my uncle always drinks alcohol and gets drunk. One time, he called me from my home; It was noon time. I was alone because my mother and father went to work. My uncle told me to clean the room of the house he is staying in. The house was messy because of the chalk board that went off from the roof; The chalkboard serves as a ceiling. Minutes later, I told him that I’d eat my lunch from home that was 5 blocks away from his place. After eating my lunch, I went back to his house.

I finished the task given to me in exchange for money. I was sitting on the floor and borrowed his cellphone to play games. Then later on, he took his penis out. It was not clear from my vision since I was playing snakes on his phone. But, I clearly see from my peripheral vision that it was his penis. He reached out for my hand but I said that I was playing games. I was scared to make my next move. While I was playing the game, I kept thinking of what I should do. The next thing I knew is i was running from his house to my home. I hid in the attic of my home but he found me. He smirked while he was getting near me. I was crying. He went near me and showed his penis again. He told me to touch it. I was educated enough to know what he was planning to do. I ran to the room of my parents and locked the door. I kept crying. I waited for my parents to go back by 8pm. Up until now, they didn’t know this story.” — Nell

I was around 8 years old when my aunt tagged me along with her to the bank to withdraw, where we need to ride a tricycle and a jeepney. When we were in the jeep, my aunt and I sat side by side each other, and a little gap was between me and the next passenger. When suddenly a man in his corporate attire but looks off sat in that small gap beside me.

And what happened next became the reason why I did not commute alone until I was 18 years old – that man placed the envelope over his arm to hide his other arm while touching my legs and hip part. I was so afraid that I immediately wanted to sit on my aunt’s lap while he still did his thing. My aunt noticed it and she became hysterical. She wants to push out the man off the jeepney. I am already 28 now but that memory still makes me angry and suspicious.” — Dawn

I was in highschool, around 15 or 16 yrs old. My sister and her husband are living with us. I don’t normally talk to his husband because I don’t like his personality. We had a small house, sleeping in one bed with my mother, my sister and her husband with their baby. One night, I woke up feeling something weird. I felt someone was caressing my back and groping my butt. I knew it was my sister’s husband. What I didn’t know is why he was sleeping beside me. Why didn’t my sister notice it? I was so frightened at that time that I couldn’t even move. I cannot remember how he stopped but the following morning came I felt his thumb caressing my lips. I felt so gross but I didn’t have the chance to tell that to anyone in my family because he left that day. Leaving my sister and their baby.” 

The story didn’t end there. When he and my sister got back together while I was in college he tried harassing me again. Touching parts of me that’s not supposed to be touched by anyone while he thinks I’m sleeping. He even had the guts to tell me that he’s willing to run away with me and buy me a house. Probably he’s thinking that I’m too gullible to agree. But I’m not. He left again my sister without me able to tell anyone what he did to me. I’m not scared of him. I’m just scared my sister will get hurt once she learned how disgusting her husband is. And honestly during the time it happened to me I always wear shorts inches below my knees or pants and shirts. I don’t know what triggered him to do such horrible things thinking his child is a girl.” — MC

I remember when I was still a kid and my parents got separated, we were left by my mom together with my 2 younger sisters to my Dad. Then my dad had this old friend who had long nails, white hair and grumpy skin. I just remember him that way. Every time my father goes to work during that time this old man always comes into our house and gives us money in exchange of sitting in his lap, kissing us on cheeks and touching us in our private parts.

I was really scared at that time because I knew that there’s something wrong but I did nothing about it. We we’re just 4, 6, 8 years old that time if only I knew what to do I could have saved my sisters for that nightmare experience. Until now I have never talked about it to our Dad.” — Riz

If you’ve experienced being told any of these, you may feel free to share your stories with us below. Our ongoing campaign, #MayKwentoAko, features stories shared with us to encourage positive conversations.

May Kwento Ako

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