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Sex-positive hits to teach you about consent

To set up the mood and give you a better understanding of being sex-positive, we created the ultimate sex-positive playlist on Spotify, REPRO HITS.

We Filipinos have a love-hate relationship with the word S-E-X. We’re on the more conservative side, tiptoeing, trying not to mention it and avoiding the conversation entirely. It’s like SEX is a bad word we’re not allowed to mention. Luckily today, more and more people are being open about their sexuality and being SEX-POSITIVE advocates!

What does sex-positive mean you ask? It’s simply having a healthy and positive attitude towards sex. It’s being able to talk freely about sex without getting judged or shamed. Sex doesn’t have to be taboo. Sex is amazing and pleasurable. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about if you’re doing it. Being sex-positive is also about being sexually educated and practicing safe sex!

To set up the mood and give you a better understanding of being sex-positive, we created the ultimate sex-positive playlist on Spotify, REPRO HITS.

So sit back, relax, put your headphones on, and get ready to be sex-positive!

  • I’m beautiful in my way / ‘Cause God makes no mistakes / I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way…” – Born This Way by Lady Gaga

First and foremost, you gotta accept your body. Learn to appreciate all your flaws and imperfections. Know that you are beautiful and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Having a positive attitude towards your body is a big step towards being sex-positive.

  • “I’m gonna put my body first / And love me so hard ’til it hurts…(I love me) Gonna love myself, no / I don’t need anybody else..” – Love Myself by Hailee Steinfield

As the great RuPaul always says, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Love yourself first and put you first. Putting you first is not a bad thing, it’s actually essential. And also, you don’t need anyone else to make you feel whole and complete, girl!

  • “We got the afternoon / You got this room for two / One thing I’ve left to do / Discover me / Discovering you..” – Your Body is Wonderland by John Mayer

Having sex involves a lot of discovery. Discovering your body, discovering your partner’s body, and knowing the things you like in bed. Being sex-positive means keeping an open mind to all these things that you and your partner explore and discover.

  • “See if you deserve what comes next / I’m tellin’ you the way I like it, how I want it..” – God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande

One of the main ideas of sex positivity is not just looking at sex as a means to procreate but can be done for pleasure as well. Like Ari, don’t be shy and tell your partner what you like and how you like it!

  • Up’s the only direction I see / As long as we keep this / Low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low-key / You ain’t even gotta lo- lo- lo- lo- lo- lo- lo-love me / Us in a king-size, keep it a secret – Lowkey by Niki

Being sex-positive does not necessarily mean you need to be vocal about having sex. You don’t even need to have had sex to be one. It’s all about having a healthy attitude towards sex, not being judgmental and acknowleding that sexuality is fluid.

  • “What a girl feels, what a girl likes / What a girl needs, what a girl wants..” – Come On Over Baby by Christina Aguilerra

Shout out to all the guys out there! Take note, sex isn’t just about you getting off. It’s about your partner too! What she wants and what satisfies her as well. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable to both parties involved!

  • “I want you the right way / I want you, and I want you to want me too /Just like I want you…” – I Want You by Marvin Gaye

Let’s not forget the most important part of sex, CONSENT! Sex positivity is keeping an open mind and being judgment-free as long as it is happening between consenting adults!! Remember, consent needs to be said and no does not mean maybe!

Listen to the rest of the playlist here and feel the sex-positive vibe!

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