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6 Ways to Better Take Care of Yourself While Pregnant

Staying healthy is a must when you are pregnant. Here’s how you can better care for yourself and ensure both you and your baby’s health.

Staying healthy is a must when you are pregnant. Your growing baby’s health is important, but your health is important too! When you take care of yourself, you are also taking good care of the baby in your belly. Here’s how you can better care for yourself and ensure both you and your baby’s health.

# 1: Eat healthily

Being pregnant is an excuse for most women to eat, eat, and EAT! But make sure your calories come from nutritious food. Everything you put in your body is absorbed by your baby too. Try to eat more of the healthy stuff and less of the fatty, sugary once. Colorful fruits and vegetables, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains are must-haves on your diet.

#2 Get some rest & reduce stress

Pregnancy is hard and tiring. Your body is working extra and uses a lot of energy in order for your baby to grow. Make sure to get plenty of rest and sleep. Pace yourself and avoid stressful situations. This may affect your well-being and your pregnancy negatively.

#3 Hydrate, Hydrate HYDRATE

When you are pregnant it is important to keep yourself hydrated since during this time, you need more water than the average person. Water delivers all the essentials to your baby. It also helps in producing extra blood and flushing out toxins from your body. Try to drink around 1.5 liters of water a day.

#4 Get some exercise

It’s good to stay active even when you’re pregnant. Try doing simple exercises or just walking for 15 mins every day to improve your blood circulation, enhance your stamina, and prepare you for childbirth. Remember not to overdo it and consult with your doctor on which exercises you can and can’t do.

#5 NEVER skip on your prenatal visits

During prenatal visits, you and your baby will be checked and monitored to make sure that everything is on track in your pregnancy. Getting prenatal check-ups will help ensure you and your baby’s safety and will also lessen the chances of complications during pregnancy and birth. Healthcare workers will also be able to inform you of the prenatal vitamins you should take.

#6 Educate yourself on Pregnancy

Read on pregnancy. It’s good to know what’s happening in your body so that you can better take care of it. Knowing the different changes and development that are happening with you and your baby will help you better appreciate what you are going through and help you get closer to your baby. Read more about MATERNAL HEALTH here!


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