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Classic Lullabies To Put Your Babies To Sleep

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All mommas know that taking care of a baby is a full-time job. From feeding them to changing their diapers, playing with them, and of course, one of the hardest for most moms, putting them to sleep. We all know that playing a lullaby will help put a baby to sleep. It helps them calm down and soothes them. But did you know that music can be helpful for your child’s development as well?

Here are some of the benefits you can get by playing music to your baby.

  • Music helps improve a child mood
    This actually not only applicable to children but adults as well. Music can easily tap into our emotions. Playing happy music during playtime sets the mood for them just like playing calm lullabies can help them go to sleep faster. 
  • Music can help with your child social skills
    Since music is often a shared experience, listening together, singing together, dancing together and playing instruments together, it gives your child an opportunity to interact with others and be social. 
  • It can help improve your child’s literacy skills
    Music makes it easier for babies to learn and practice their vocabulary. Playing nursery rhymes and singing to your babies is a good way to expose them to language. Especially with singing, it prompts your babies to mimic the lyrics and chime into the music. 
  • Music can help improve your child’s motor skills
    One way that music helps with motor skills is when playing instruments. The muscles they use to hold musical instruments like the maracas or the stick for the xylophone really help with their grasping and the way they try to create music by manipulating the instruments helps their brain development as well. 
  • Music helps with parent-child bonding
    Enjoying music with your kid is a great way to bond especially with parents who have hectic schedules. Dancing with them and singing with them encourages more to participate and engage with the music rather than just playing it to them. Even just singing them to sleep creates a deeper bond since music helps with memory association. When your kid’s all grown up and he hears that song it’ll help bring back those happy moments you had together.

To help introduce your baby to music, check out our Baby Beats playlist on Spotify or scroll below to play. You can play this to help calm, soothe, and put your babies to sleep. Pregnant mommas can even play this for their babies in the womb too! 

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