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Why you should ALWAYS wear Condoms When Having Sex

No Glove, No Love. People always tell you to always wear protection. But what do condoms really protect you from? How can that plastic rubber help you? We listed 8 reasons why you should always wear condoms:

1. Say NO to unplanned pregnancy

First and foremost, a condom is a birth control method. Let’s face it, having a kid is no easy task, and it’s hella expensive. You want to be prepared for it and wearing a condom can definitely help you prevent unplanned pregnancies.

2. Condoms can save your life!

A Condom is the only form of contraception that can prevent BOTH unplanned pregnancies AND Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), that is if you use it consistently and correctly. Condoms can protect you from a lot of STIs including, HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

3. Condoms are EVERYWHERE!

Condoms are one, if not the most accessible contraception in the market. Just hop into your local drugstore or convenience store and you can easily grab one for as low as Php 39. You can even get them for free in your local health center!

4. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy

Unlike other methods of contraception, condoms are easy to use! No need for consultations or a healthcare provider’s help. You just make sure to use it properly! Never use a condom twice and always check the expiration date before use.

5. Your Body, Your Responsibility

You alone are responsible for your body. You take care of it with proper hygiene, a healthy diet, and skincare routines. But, you should never ever forget about your reproductive health. Making sure to always use condoms while having sex is a way of taking care of yourself.

6. Better SAFE than SORRY

Already using another birth control method? That’s even better. Condoms can be used as additional protection for your existing method. It’s the only contraception that can help protect you from STIs.

7. ZERO Side Effects

Since condoms do not involve hormones, there are no side effects when you use them. (Not unless you are allergic to latex, of course!)

8. Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace

Since condoms are literally like a glove that you wear, you can use it anywhere, anytime and in any place when you need it. No need for advance preparations, no need to take anything. You only use it when you have sex.

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