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Get Your Healthcare fix at M.Y.R.N.A’s C.A.F.E.

Another good spot for reproductive health resources ☕

Every individual has the right to make their own choices about their sexual and reproductive health. But in order to make informed choices and decisions, first and foremost, having access to reproductive health resources should be prioritized. Here’s how.

With similar organizations focusing on these topics such as our very own RH CARE INFO, comes other good places for resources. M.Y.R.N.A’s C.A.F.E., short for Model Youth-oriented Rendezvous of Network (Preventing) AIDs Center for Adolescent Fertility Education or MC Health Service Cooperative, is a Civil Society Organization registered with the Cooperative Development Authority, operating as a social enterprise for Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health.

Their vision is to become a sustainable organization that empowers people toward better reproductive health decisions and practices.

MYRNA’s CAFE’s programs are specifically focused on family planning, HIV and AIDS prevention, and adolescent reproductive health. Based in Dagupan, this health service cooperative’s primary mission is to enable individuals, couples, and families to achieve their desired reproductive health goals through access to quality education, products, and services.

Panangikayat, named after the Pangasinense term for outreach, is one of MYRNA’s CAFE’s primary programs. It is a mobile clinic that offers free reproductive health services from family planning counseling, to distribution of contraceptive methods, and HIV screening. They partner with local government units to help reach different barrios in Pangasinan. Especially with the COVID pandemic going on, Panangikayat has become an innovative way to reach these areas and give them access to free reproductive health services that they may need. 

Aside from the beforementioned, MYRNA’s CAFE also initiated a few other programs. My Campus Chats, in partnership with DepEd, is another program where they conduct reproductive health dissemination activities in schools. They, too, run Workplace Family Welfare Programs and initiate the resupply of family planning commodities (condoms, pills, and injectables) for current users.

MYRNA’s CAFE currently only caters to the Pangasinan area but they will soon expand their reach to La Union and some parts of Nueva Ecija.

To get in touch with them for partnerships and to know more about their programs and services, you may visit their Facebook Page: Myrna’s Cafe or email them at mc2019.healthservices@gmail.com

If you need to locate a Reproductive Health Facility near you, you can use our Health Facility Locator anytime.

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