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UNFPA and PSRP Launches OB Triage Tents for Pregnant Women

The OB Triage Tents aim to support the continuity of life-saving sexual and reproductive health services mainly assisting pregnant women.

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Pregnancy, labor and childbirth is already hard as it is, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it made it even harder for women to have access to quality maternal healthcare services. On top of the usual worries, pregnancy symptoms and concerns mothers typically experience, COVID-19 pandemic added other maternal health issues like transportation problems, difficulty in getting prenatal check-ups since some of the centers are closed, lack of hospital availability for women about to give birth, and increased cost of healthcare coupled with income loss. What’s worse is, more women, especially in areas severely affected by COVID-19, are opting to give birth in their homes which is dangerous for both the mother and the baby. 

With these problems in mind, the United Nations Population Fund Philippines (UNFPA) in partnership with the Philippine Society for Responsible Parenthood (PSRP) and the Department of Health Region 6 put up OB Triage Tents in selected areas in Western Visayas that were severely disrupted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The OB Triage Tents aim to support the continuity of life-saving sexual and reproductive health services  in government hospitals and mainly assisting pregnant women. These triage tents, which are managed by highly skilled healthcare professionals, are currently present at the following government hospitals:

  • Don Jose Monfort Medical Center Extension Hospital (DJMMCEH) – Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo Province
  • Western Visayas Medical Center (WVMC) – Iloilo City
  • Western Visayas Sanitarium – Santa Barbara, Iloilo Province
  • Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital – Bacolod City

The OB triage tents offer free maternal healthcare services. Certified healthcare professionals will be assisting and examining pregnant women. Based on their assessments, patient’s will be referred to a nearby primary care facility, process the referral and arrange the transportation. The triage tents are also equipped to deliver babies in cases when transporting the mother is  not possible. The PSRP team will be there every step of the way to prioritize the health and safety of each patient as they are transferred to a birthing facility. And to make sure that everyone’s safe against COVID 19, health professionals manning the tents are all wearing proper PPEs, face masks and face shields.

This initiative ensures that, despite the struggles that the COVID19 pandemic brings, pregnant women will still be able to have access to proper maternal healthcare and will be able to give birth in a proper health facility. 

Just a few days from its launch, the UNFPA-PSRP OB triage tent has already witnessed its first live birth! The patient arrived at the triage tent of DJMMCEH a few minutes before midnight at around 11:47 pm on September 20. According to the patient, she was already experiencing labor pains since 8 pm that night. The team was able to assess her quickly, checking her vital signs and give her an Internal Examination (IE) which showed she is 7 to 8cm dilated already. In just a few minutes the patient felt that her baby is about to come out. Our healthcare professionals, quick on their feet, were able to swiftly transfer the patient to the delivery table at the triage tent. By 11:58 pm the patient was able to give birth to a healthy baby boy and they were both transferred to DJMMCEH for recovery soon after.

Because of the OB Triage Tent project and the quick response of our team, the patient was able to safely deliver her baby. The UNFPA-PSRP team checked up on the patient and her baby the following day. During the check-up the patient was thankful for the triage tent set-up outside the hospital, without it, she would have given birth in the streets. She said, “Kung walang tent sa labas siguro sa daan na ako na nanganak. Pasalamat ako sa kanila… Pasalamat ako sa UNFPA sa pagbulig sa akon, kag kung padayon sila makatulong mas maganda higit sa pandemyang nararanasan natin kayon.”

If you’re looking for reproductive health services in the Philippines, you may head over to our Health Facility Locator to find health facilities near your place.

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