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Zero-waste Period Products That Are Still Worth The Try

Power through that time of the month.

We all know it, ladies. Monthly periods are NOT fun. Between menstrual cramps, mood swings, bloating, fatigue, and the cost of buying sanitary pads, having a uterus can be such a hassle sometimes. Good thing there are period product alternatives that can ease the messy struggles our usual disposable period products bring. 

Here are a few period products worth trying that can help you power through your red days — zero-waste style.

Menstrual cups are the eco-friendly alternative to sanitary pads and tampons. They’re initially more costly but menstrual cups are reusable, making it much cheaper than buying pads monthly and they are very much safe for your vagina. Aside from being eco-friendly and economical, it’s more convenient since you don’t need to change pads every few hours. Sinaya Cup, Anytime Menstrual Cup, and EasyFlo are some of the local cup brands here in the Philippines. 

Another eco and budget-friendly alternative, washable cloth pads are the reusable version of the sanitary pads. These pads are made of absorbent materials to absorb blood and prevent leaks. They come in a variety of sizes (and designs) you can choose from depending on how heavy your flow is. Ka Nami Pasador, Hannah, & Chill’s Cloth Pads are some of the brands that sell these pads.

Heating pads warm up your cramped area and help relieve menstrual and back pains. There’s a variety of heating pads available in the market that can help with menstrual cramps. Types of heating pads range from the traditional ones where you put warm water in, to electronic ones, and to portable air-activated heating patches you can carry anywhere. 

Period underwear can be worn without using any sanitary napkins, tampons, or menstrual cups. They’re made of layers of absorbent fabric and is said to be leak proof! So no need to worry about staining your pants and dresses. Aside from the usual, there are swimsuit versions available for all you post-Covid, beach-ready ladies! Mirko Period Panties is a local brand you might want to check out if you’re interested. 

If you’re looking for reproductive health services in the Philippines, you may head over to our Health Facility Locator to find health facilities near your place. 


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