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Totoo nga ba? Different superstitions about pregnancy unveiled

To help all you confused mommas, we made a list of some of the most common myths and superstitions about pregnancy.

“Sabi nila bawal daw yung…” 
“Pag buntis ka dapat raw…” 
“Kasabihan raw na…” 

It’s typical for pregnant women to hear different superstitions on a regular basis, often from the elderly. These superstitions leave pregnant women, especially first-time moms, confused and unsure whether they should or shouldn’t follow them. 

To help all you confused mommas,  we made a list of some of the most common myths and superstitions about pregnancy.

#1 “Wow, blooming ka. Babae siguro yang pinagbubuntis mo.”
A lot of hormonal changes happen in a woman’s body during pregnancy. It may cause some women to look ‘blooming’ but, there is no scientific study that links it to the gender of the baby. 

#2 “Kailangan mo kumain ng madami dahil kumakain ka na para sa dalawang tao”
Yes, it is true that pregnant women eat for two people, but they do not need to double their food intake. Since the baby in your baby is still too small, it does need that much. At an average, you’ll only be needing to add 200 to 300 calories per day. So no momma, being pregnant is not an excuse to overeat! Eating a healthy balanced diet and good snacking is what you need to keep the baby healthy.

#3 “Bawal uminom ng malamig na tubig ang buntis, makakasama ito sa baby”
There is no scientific basis saying that drinking cold water will be bad for the baby. Drinking plenty of water is essential for pregnant women, the temperature doesn’t really matter. There is no harm in drinking cold water, especially when it’s hot outside, as long as it is clean. 

#4 “Huwag kainin ang tira o makihati sa buntis dahil aantukin ka”
Not true, of course! There is no connection whatsoever between sharing food with a pregnant woman and feeling sleepy. It just so happens that we all feel sleepy after eating a big meal! 

#5 “Huwag kang magpagupit habang buntis, baka makalbo ka”
Cutting your hair while you are pregnant will NOT make you bald. Although it is common for women to experience postpartum hair loss, this is all because of hormones. When you’re pregnant you produce a lot of estrogens which prevents the usual hair loss that happens to your hair every day. This is why your hair feels thicker during pregnancy. But after you give birth your hormone levels go back to normal which makes all the hair that should have fallen off shed in much bigger clumps. 

#6 “Huwag mong paglihihan yan, baka maging ganyan itsura ng baby mo”
Most Filipinos believe this. However, there is no scientific study proving that your pregnancy cravings or paglilihi can affect your baby’s physical appearance. Physical appearance is inherited through set of genes from your parents and grandparents and not from paglilihi. 

#7 “Kapag ang buntis kumain ng kambal na saging, magiging kambal din ang anak nito”
Having twins comes with genes. If having twins runs in your family, chances of you getting pregnant with twins may be higher compared to others but it has nothing to do with eating a banana. 

#8 “Pag hinakbangan mo yung asawa mo, malilipat sa kanya ang paglilihi mo”
We feel you, mommy! We too wish that this was true, but sadly it isn’t. Your husband’s mood swings and binge-eating might just be due to all the stress and pressure that comes with pregnancy. 

#9 “Bawal magsuot ng kwintas ang buntis dahil baka pumulupot sa leeg ng bata ang umbilical cord”
Wearing a necklace will not cause ‘cord coil’. Cord coil does happen because of random fetal movements. 

#10 “Bawal maligo ng isang linggo pagkatapos manganak para hindi mabinat o para makaiwas sa lamig.”
It is generally safe for women who had a vaginal birth to take a bath after pregnancy unless told otherwise by your OB. Warms baths can actually help ease the pains of giving birth. It’s best to ask your doctor when you can take a bath after giving birth, especially when you had an episiotomy or cesarean birth.


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