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Rape Reporting in Adolescence

Only 1% of adolescent girls who have experienced forced sex reached out for professional help.

When schools are closed and movements are restricted during crisis, the risk of those who are prone to violence and abuse are intensified; most of them might be suffering in silence. Data shows that only 1% of adolescent girls in 30 countries who have experienced sexual abuse reached out for professional help. The violence and unheard agony must end.

If you are or know anyone experiencing any of these forms of violence, remember that you are not alone. Stand up, seek help, and speak up for others.  Please report or contact immediately the following offices:

If you need to see a Women and Children Protection Unit located near you, use our HEALTH FACILITY LOCATOR. Simply input your location, then select “Women and Children Protection Unit” and click on the search button. The results will show the facilities with WPCU within a 10 kilometer radius from your location.

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