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Kwento ng sexual violence survivor

Stories shared to help stop victim blaming

Rape culture and victim-blaming, for the longest time, made it hard for sexual violence victims to speak up and file charges because instead of helping them, they are being judged and accused of making it up or asking for it. But now, more and more women are opening up about their experiences on sexual violence to help put an end to rape culture and encourage other women to not be afraid to take a stand against their offenders.

Here are some stories bravely shared with us by sexual violence survivors through #MayKwentoAko:

“When I work at Makati near Mapua on a small firm I always wear long sleeves, jeans, and sneakers for our smart casual dress code. This means that my body was fully covered and tries to “look young and professional”. I usually got out by 6 pm then wait for a bus to Buendia. The bus is always crowded even if some got off to unloading areas there were still more passengers who got in.

As Buendia was getting near I noticed this guy looking at me though I never noticed him on the trip but the way he looked at me got my attention it was uneasy and I was thinking to myself, do I look weird or is my shirt open? But no there was nothing wrong with me. I shrugged it off since I was so focused on getting out of the bus as quickly as possible to get in line on another bus at the terminal. So the bus I was on stopped, 3/4 of its passengers got off simultaneously on a 2 narrow doors. It was crazy as always I got used to the “gitgitan” and the “unahan” I was good at it. But I never expected the following seconds as I got off.

I was groped by the crotch and guess who fucking did that. It was the man who was looking at me weird during the trip. It happened so fast I was left there standing at the unloading area with people passing by me without care and any idea what happened to me. It was the first time this disgusting thing happened to me. I felt violated as quick as it was I felt betrayed. I felt betrayed because I thought I was safe. Safe from this.

I’m a young female professional and I felt my worth diminished by that thing he did to me. Remembering it always make me felt anger and disgust.” — MAILA

“I was a 6 yr-old who wears “daster” at home. My papa’s friend came over. After a (while) they were off to go somewhere, and I tagged along. I didn’t change my clothes. We rode my papa’s motorcycle; papa was driving, then i and his friend were behind him. I was in the middle. I felt his friend groping my butt. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know it was wrong. But it did feel wrong. I never wanted to see him again.” — MAE

“I was a fresh out of college, on my way to work. Around 5 am, I was on the usual shuttle service I ride every day. Because of heavy traffic, travel time usually takes 2 to 3 hours, so it’s not uncommon for commuters to be sleeping in the shuttle. So there I was sleeping in the corner of the shuttle, I guess I felt something so I started to wake up and I noticed that the guy beside me was groping my breast. I was so startled.

Mind you, I was on the way to work so I was wearing corporate attire, long sleeves, and pantsuit. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t move. I guess he saw it as a sign that I liked it so he slowly slipped his phone like he was asking for my number. I guess that broke the shock and I immediately moved and turned my back on him.

When the shuttle finally reached the destination I ran and immediately hailed a taxi. I was shocked when he followed me and said “Miss pasensya na, mag ingat ka na lang sa susunod”. The audacity right?  Whenever I think about it I still feel so angry and disgusted.”

If you’ve experienced being told any of these, you may feel free to share your stories with us below. Our ongoing campaign, #MayKwentoAko, features stories shared with us to encourage positive conversations.

May Kwento Ako

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