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Just Don't Get Infected

Sexually Transmitted Infections or STIs are infections that spread from person to person through sexual activity, which includes anal, vaginal, or oral sex. Millions of people are vulnerable to HIV infection and other STIs. But, with proper education regarding sexual and reproductive health, it is highly preventable.

Sexually Transmitted Infections or STIs are infections that are spread through sexual contact. It can be passed on from person to person through the mouth, skin, genitals, rectum, or other bodily fluids. So, you don’t necessarily need to have vaginal sex in order to get. You can also get an STI through oral sex, anal sex, sharing sex toys, or other sexual activities that involve your genitals.

STI, if not treated, can cause serious damage to your reproductive health. It may lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, or even death. Untreated STI also puts you at a higher risk of acquiring Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV.

HIV is a sexually transmitted infection, but it can also spread by blood transfusion, mother to baby, through breastfeeding, and sharing an injection. HIV damages your immune system and hinders your body’s ability to fight off disease and infection.

Scary huh? Don’t worry! Aside from the obvious which is sexual abstinence, there are other ways you can reduce the chances of you getting infected with STI.

  • Always practice safe S-E-X! You should make sure to always wear a condom when having sex. AND make sure to use it properly! Here’s the proper way of using a condom.

  • Limit your sexual partners. The more sexual partners you have, the higher your chances are of getting infected. It is also important to know your sexual partner and know their sexual history.

  • If you think that you have an STI, get checked and treated right away. This will help lessen the risks of serious damage to your body. Also, inform your sexual partner/s about it so they can get tested and treated as well.

  • BE INFORMED. Especially when you are sexually active, make sure that you are well informed and educated regarding the different STIs and the risk factors. Learn about the immunizations available for some of these STIs to help prevent you from acquiring it.

Remember, sexual abstinence is the only way that you can prevent getting an STI. These preventive measures will only lessen your chances of getting it. It’s best to always be cautious and take care of your reproductive health!

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